Leslie Dycke  Is a self taught ceramist and sculptor. Over the years he has worked with wood, metal, mixed media, raku, bronze, pit fired clay and now works predominately with stone. Believing that some of the finest carving stone can be found in Canada. He has prospected for himself in a search of materials which allows him the greatest range of artistic expression and freedom. Many of the materials he uses such as marble, granite, onyx, jade and alabaster are minerals from British Columbia. The materials Leslie uses are carefully selected to suit each unique project and to ensure that the final piece is of the finest quality possible. Leslie Dycke's art work has been displayed internationally from Vancouver British Columbia, to London England, Agora Gallery Soho,New York, Tokyo Japan and Managua Nicaragua. Leslie has carved stone into thought provoking and graceful shapes for international art patrons and his sculptures can be found on every continent. Leslie's talents range from realistic to abstract and encompasses figurative and wildlife sculpture. His unique sculpture can be found in banks, hospitals and numerous private                                                and corporate collections.      The artist was born in Abbotsford in 1955 where he grew up in an entire household of creative people. He credits this early influence of an artistic environment and family for developing his own interest in sculpture later on in life.     After attending the University of British Columbia and working towards his degree in Mathematics. Leslie traveled for several years, backpacking throughout the United States, South America, Asia and the Middle East. Working at various jobs along the way to make enough money to support himself and to allow him to keep traveling. He returned to Canada and now resides in Mission, B.C., with his wife Laura and daughter Sarah. I strive to be the best artist I can be through constant study, research, order, knowledge, and skill and through all that I have learned from those around me. It’s always my goal that the world enjoy my creations as much as I enjoy creating them. Leslie is passionate about his work, and is interested in sharing it with patrons. He is very approachable, and welcomes your inquiries. If you are interested in any of the sculptures you see on this site, or wish to discuss the creation of a specific piece, please Contact Leslie Dycke.