Leslie Dycke
Leslie Dycke, is a sculptor from British Columbia, Canada, who carves original artwork in a wide variety of materials for private and corporate art collections. Since 1985, Leslie has been making sculptures, creating inventions, developing commercial designs and movie props for the film industry and just about anything which fulfils the desire of his customers. Leslie has carved stone into thought provoking and graceful shapes for international art patrons and his sculptures can be found on every continent. Leslie's talents range from realistic to abstract and encompasses figurative and wildlife sculpture. Drawing inspiration from the great masters of sculpture, Michelangelo, Rodin, Bancusi and Noguchi. Leslie has sought to capture the joy and mystery of the world in his art.      The materials Leslie uses are carefully selected to suit each unique project and to ensure that the final piece is of the finest quality possible. This talented Mission artist welcomes you to his on-line gallery and portfolio of original art work. Please browse the galleries and enjoy yourself.                                                                       Thank you, Leslie Dycke
 Leslie Dycke, Night Owl Studios 2011 Nightowlstudio                                                                      Sculpture for the Corporate and Private Collectors